The support bot dilemma

You might be wondering "what makes Spryngtime different from the million other chatbots?"

"How many times have you opened up a support chat window and furiously clicked through bot options until you got to a live agent?" The reality is support bots today can't resolve 90% of support tickets. Gathering basic user information and repeating help docs does not resolve user issues.

We see a future where support bots can triage user issues (e.g. tell me more about your issue), answer account-specific questions (e.g. where's my order), and perform Tasks users can't do (e.g. I need a refund). A true first line of defense for support teams.

Why are we building this? Because no one else is.

Other Chatbots
Answer questions from help docs
Integrate with Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, Discord, and other CS channels
Tasks (calling APIs, 3rd party services, etc)
Custom agent handoff flow and tagging
Auto create FAQs from past conversations
Flat monthly fee pricing
White glove support
Analytics & ticket categorization