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A chat bot that understands your business.
Answer support questions, increase engagement & upsells,
and convert customers

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Ask Spryngtime.

Spryngtime helps you and your team focus on the highest priority tasks while still being super responsive to all your customers!

🙋 Customer asks

A customer comes in and has a problem. "Where's my order" or "How do I integrate this API?"

🤖 Bot thinks

Our bot understands your product, help center, and customer data to get the right answer

🎉 Customer is happy

Our bot will do the heavy lifting and respond to customers on your team's behalf!

Save time & reduce costs

Answer 30-50% of all questions out the box.

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Built with security and ease-of-use in mind.


We use the latest and greatest in encryption to keep you and your customer’s data safe. Ask us about SOC 2!


1-click automatically ingest your public facing documentation, help desk, and other knowledge.


Perform Tasks, like getting customer-specific data from your system, automating refunds/cancellations, and more!

Past Context

We pull in all your previous support and chat history to find answers that might not be explicit in your docs!

Auto Document

Get a question that's not in your docs? No worries, we'll auto document the answer for you!

Message Drafts

Want to review the message before responding? We can help you create a draft first!

Platforms we support

Don't see yours? Contact us and we'd love to see if we can help!






Spryngtime vs Others

Answer questions from help docs
Integrate with Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, Discord, and other CS channels
Tasks (calling APIs, 3rd party services, etc)
Custom agent handoff flow and tagging
Auto create FAQs from past conversations
Flat monthly fee pricing
White glove support
Analytics (coming soon)

Start answering customer questions

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